How Sassa Does Identity Verification For R370 SRD Grants

The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) in Mpumalanga has confirmed the acceptance of one of several social grants follows a procedure - one becoming a verification method.

The government agency stated that the Social Relief of Distress Grant (SRD) applicants ought to note that if they operate a Sassa status check as well as their application remains to be pending, it means it’s not yet verified.

In accordance with Sassa, the SRD grant applicants ought to be aware which the agency does not merely verify banking details but also verifies citizenship with the Office of Property Affairs, and this includes examining whether the person check here is UIF (Unemployment Insurance policies Fund) registered or not with the Department of Employment and Labour.

On the contrary, should really the SRD application status condition 'pending', it then indicates the verification has not still been finalised.

Some SRD grant holders have complained about payments remaining delayed even immediately after their grant application is approved by the Agency.

Sometimes, these delays are brought on by grant beneficiaries not giving banking account particulars as Sassa has shared that a number of them only choose the title of the financial institution where they would like to have the grant.

Grant beneficiaries have already been reminded to carry on checking their personalized aspects to make certain they are proper as well here as grant funds are acquired by the ideal individual.

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